[Samba] XP Machines/profiles/migration issues

richard rcoates at bigpond.net.au
Tue Apr 1 00:11:01 GMT 2003

I'm no expert on Xp profiles but..doesen't xp assign a sid to each user
in the profile. I believe you'll have to create your new domain-user on
new server THEN copy old profile over newly created one (using xp user
tools). There have posts on how to do this earlier this year. regards,
Richard Coates.

On Tue, 2003-04-01 at 04:11, Anthony Hardy wrote:
> well . would help if i didn't hit the send key before pasting in the
> original msg . once again . my apologies
> btw . helpful info:
> mandrake rpms at 2.2.7a, mandrake 9.0 . .all patches applied.
> I just sent this . but realized i sent it from the wrong email addy . want
> to make sure it gets thru to the list . so i'm resending . i apologize if
> both copies make it thru.
> problem:
> migrating from one server to another .  . .physical and software migration.
> copied all profiles and am in the process of adding a new automated system
> for domain management (mysql backend, blah balh) so the uid's changed for
> each user.
> this is what how i THOUGHT things would work:
> 1. everyone logs out
> 2. shutdown samba on old server
> 3. add new users to new server
> 4. transfer ALL data to new server, including profiles, setup permissions on
> files to correspond with new uids
> 5. finish config of smb.conf on new server, adding the proper shares, etc .
> basically a mirror of the old box.
> 6. start up new server . . .login 9x machines for testing.
> 7. rejoin all XP machines to the domain, and i should have been good to go.
> the problem lies in that once i rejoin an XP machine (testing with a couple
> right now) is that the profiles don't load properly.  the user logs in,
> everything "seems" to be ok . in that the desktop icons are present, custom
> apps seem to work . .but pieces are broken.
> for example . . .OE or outlook . broken.  it's like the ntuser.dat file
> doesn't get pulled .. .
> i noticed that under documents and settings on the local machines HD the
> owner wasn't correct for the correct profile directory (normally, just the
> user name) and upon logging in . there was a new profile directory created,
> username.domain.  That "should" have been fine i thought . .as long as  the
> profile was copied from the network . but it's NOT being copied .   . . .so
> i tried different machines . and various tests . from rejoining the domain
> and changing permission BEFORE logging in as the user to  . .well .
> everything i can think of.
> so . my question is two fold . .is there any reason an XP machine that DID
> copy profiles from the network BEFORE the change wouldn't copy them now?
> logon path and logon home variables are the SAME and my 9x machines WORK
> fine . .i've got about 100 XP machines out there tho .  .and i NEED this to
> work . .or i'm going to attempt to go back to the old server.
> last question . what is the "proper" profile directory . . username or
> username.domain and what is the presence of these two directories telling me
> . if anything?
> any help is appreciated GREATLY.
> Anthony Hardy
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> Jefferson Davis Community College
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