[Samba] Mounting Share at Boot

Barry Skidmore skidmore at mail.worldvenue.org
Mon Sep 30 22:39:23 GMT 2002


Samba was installed by the Red Hat (7.2) installer when the system was
originally configured.  Since I am not using a self-compiled version of
Samba, do I still need to do this?  Should I try do see if it solves the
problem anyway?


> if you are using a selfcompiled version, you need a link to the correkt
> location of smbmount in /sbin. I think, this is not documented yet but
> I had the same problem and there was a tip in the mailing list...
> Here is, what I do:
> cd /sbin
> ln -sf ../usr/bin/smbmount mount.smbfs
> If smbmount is in /usr/bin...
> tom

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