[Samba] Win XP SP1 problem

Cameron Jenkins milkman at the-milk-bar.com
Mon Sep 30 21:12:01 GMT 2002

Thats the problem, the PDC is not displaying any logs of any attempts of the
Win XP SP1 to try and join the domain.

Network connectivity is fine, I can also connect to shares via Windows
Explorer, I just cant join the domain.

Roaming profiles are set by XP as default rather than being controlled by
Samba, is this correct? I dont think the profile is the issue, as there
seems to be more like a XP issue than a Samba one.

> yes
> check the archives...
> i don't remember exactly but there is a setting
> you need to change in the group policy editor to disable
> checking for the SID in the profile...  Unless the profiles are stored
> on the PDC (in which case you have some other problem - post some logs)

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