[Samba] winbind password replication?

Lewis Maggio lew at lsfc.org
Mon Sep 30 19:34:00 GMT 2002

I have a question, and I could easily set up a test to answer it for myself,
but I was hoping someone would know offhand and save me the trouble.


I have 2 office locations that are within a block of eachother, and I have
line of sight between them.  One office is running windows a nt4 server PDC
with exchange 5.5 and operates as the file server.  This is going to be
switched VERY soon to a windows 2000 or .NET server with Exchange 2000 or
Exchange .NET and I'm going to run a samba server with winbind as the file
server (I'll call this file server A).


At the other location, I have samba 2.2.5 set up as a PDC and file server
(I'll call this file server B).  Both of these locations have DSL lines, and
I'm going to set up a wireless network to save $80 a month.  At 11mbps, I
wouldn't want to run file server A over wireless.  I would like to
reconfigure file server B as a domain member with winbind.  The
authentication would take place over the wireless link.


Now if the wireless link goes down for some reason, I could go to an XP box
and log in, and it would use the last known good password for the account.
My question is, if the wireless link goes down, would the winbind server do
the same thing?  In other words, if the PDC goes down, will the winbind
server still allow users to access their files with their last known good
account info and password?

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