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Reiki Healing - Training and Supplies Reiki Healing CDs 
For practitioners to use for treatments or for Reiki Masters to sell/ give 
to their students

· 1 CD with gentle music and a bell every 3 minutes 
· 1 CD with gentle music and hand position instructions every 3 minutes 
· 1 CD with a Reiki meditation to meet your Reiki guide. 
One third off for orders of 10 CDs or more
Videos (coming soon): 
· Reiki Attunements on video for level 1, 2 and Masters. Also, Western 
Psychic Surgery, Antakarana symbols and 2 tibetan symbols 
· Bare Hand Surgery in the Philippines - See these amazing Filipino Bare 
Hand Surgeons perform and see actor Burt Lancaster who investigated them 
with a team of American Doctors claim their authenticity. 
Videos in stock: 
· Indian Head Massage 
· Reflexology 
· Body massage 
· On Site/ Acupressure massage 
One third off for orders of 10 videos or more
Reiki Courses to all levels
+ Manuals for all Reiki levels 
· Level 1 
· Level 2 
· Reiki Master and Reiki teacher 
One third off for orders of 10 manuals or more
To order: http://www.therapies.com/acatalog/
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