[Samba] Samba with a Win9x network and RoadRunner

linux power linuxpower2002 at yahoo.no
Sun Sep 29 03:17:00 GMT 2002

I have a similar problem just posted about win98 and
samba.I think if you have applied ip
address,dns,gateway and added the server ip address in
lmhost, there is not anything more to do at the win
About the second question I have ran tcpdump on my
samba server to determine how it communicate with the
clients. And I found that on establish the connection
from win98 to samba, it uses hostnames and it look to
me it also use the nic hardware address. The other way
it dont use the hw address, but the hostnames.
If this could be to any help.

 --- DJ Busch <djbusch at new.rr.com> skrev: > Hi
everyone...I'm at a dead stop setting up Samba,
> so let me jump right into
> the problem:
> First, the setup:  I have a RH7.3 box and a W98
> laptop.  The RH box also has
> a W2k Pro partition.  We have them on a 4-port
> 10base-T hub along with our
> RoadRunner cable modem.
> Now on to the problem:  As most of you are already
> aware, RR uses DHCP to
> assign IP addresses to client machines at boot time.
>  This seems to be
> causing Samba to have problems resolving the machine
> names.  When I get both
> machines up and running and try to connect to the
> laptop ("jarjar") with
> "smbclient -L jarjar", I get "Connection to jarjar
> failed".  My first
> question is this:  Is there something I have to
> enable in W98 to allow Samba
> to make connections?
> And my second question:  Can Samba decide which
> hostname goes to which
> computer on my home network without being able to
> resolve it to an IP
> address?  I would assume that when the machines hold
> master browser
> elections, each is made aware of the other(s) and
> the IP addresses are not
> necessary.
> Any help anyone can provide is greatly appreciated. 
> Every time I go to work
> I have to reboot into W2k so my wife can get at the
> files on my hard drives.
> It's annoying.
> Thanks.
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