[Samba] oplock problem - how to fix?

Sean Noonan snoonan at snoonan.com
Sat Sep 28 04:42:00 GMT 2002

Ok, some clarification.  By "same error message" I mean the message box that
pops up still says "Cannot copy MoldFE:  The specified network name is no
longer available", same as before.  The /var/log/messages file now doesn't
show anything, though...

-- Sean

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> How can you get an oplock error when you have turned off oplocks?
> Getting the same error message is even stranger.
> Are you are editing the right smb.conf file? If you installed
> samba from sources on top of a prevous installation, there
> might be more
> than one copy of smb.conf on your machine.
> Joel

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