[Samba] locking issue with solidworks

Tony McGrew tony at multicam.com
Fri Sep 27 16:58:01 GMT 2002

I have a samba share set up for 3 engineers.  The software they are using on
w2k clients is solidworks.  It is a modelling program that uses sometimes
hundreds of files at once, and these files have to be shared.  Occasionally
the solidworks program will crash with an unhandled error.  The solidworks
people tell us that it is because of how our server is handling locking.
The problem seems to be that the first engineer opens a  file with
read/write access, then a second engineer will open the same file with read
only access.  The first engineer will then modify and save the file, then
the second engineer will crash and loose all his work since the last save We
can make this happen at will.  IS there a way to get around this?

Here is the locking portion of my smb.conf file:

kernel oplocks = Yes
	lock spin count = 3
	lock spin time = 10
	oplock break wait time = 0

fake oplocks = No
	locking = Yes
	oplocks = Yes
	level2 oplocks = Yes
	oplock contention limit = 2
	posix locking = Yes
	strict locking = No
	share modes = Yes

Here is a portion of the log.

[2002/09/26 12:14:58, 0] smbd/oplock.c:oplock_break(796)
  oplock_break: receive_smb timed out after 30 seconds.
  oplock_break failed for file 0-SOLIDWORKS/LASER/84-00025-00.SLDDRW (dev =
805, inode = 1667967, file_id = 3690).
[2002/09/26 12:14:58, 0] smbd/oplock.c:oplock_break(868)
  oplock_break: client failure in oplock break in file
[2002/09/26 12:14:58, 0] smbd/reply.c:reply_lockingX(4489)
  reply_lockingX: Error : oplock break from client for fnum = 9933 and no
oplock granted on this file (0-SOLIDWORKS/LASER/84-00025-00.SLDDRW).

The system is RH7.3 with samba 2.2.5 from the RPM.  ANy help will be greatly
Tony McGrew

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