[Samba] Samba-3.0alpha20 released

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Sep 26 20:12:46 GMT 2002

Heads up everyone,

Source release will be on download mirrors shorly.
This is provided as a non-production release of the 
future 3.0 Samba codebase for testing purposes only.  
Use at your own risk.  Now that I've cleared by 
conscience... :-)

           -- enjoy, 
           -- The Samba Team

Changes in alpha20
 - Rework the 'guest account gets RID 501' code again...
 - Change to use NT-based session key negotiated for Win2k SPNEGO
 - Support printer data registry keys other than the default
 - Moved internal printerdata to REGISTRY_VALUE object
 - Corrected bug in dependentfiles list of DRIVER_INFO_3
 - fixed logic bug in blocking locks code
 - Updated registry api code to work with new printer data key
 - Added vfstest tool
 - round lock timeouts in lockingX upwards to multiples of 1 second
 - Fixed bugs in Printer Change Notify code
 - added a 'net ads lookup' command that does a CLDAP NetLogon
   query to a win2000 server
 - Added script to find undocumented smb.conf parameters
 - Added missing parameters to smb.conf(5)
 - receive & parse main CLDAP reply from win2k server
 - removed "admin log" & "alternate permissions" parameters from smb.conf
 - added a generic print_guid utility, and get the byte order handing
 - fixed memory corruption in cli_full_connection()
 - remove unused 'max packet' and 'packet size' options
 - add support for the "value,OID" format described in MSDN for Printer
   Data values
 - moves NT_TOKEN generation into our authentication code
 - Update documentation build system
 - Several fixes for IRIX compiler
 - Correctly handle "max data count" value in smb transacts
 - Fix for permissions error when adding/modifying using a Print
   server handle
 - Fix pam_smbpass to always check the return value of pdb_getsampwnam()
 - Use the 'init' flag to determine if the UID is set, rather than testing
   the uid for -1
 - Cope with non-unix accounts - we just won't get the groups for those 
 - Add 'net rpc getsid' to fetch the PDC's SID into the local secrets.tdb.
   Print domain SID on 'net rpc info'
 - don't use lp_passwd_file() to retrieve NIS domain name, but use 
   location instead
 - Various POSIX compatibility fixes
 - Show only non-default values in testparm
 - Fix longstanding bug in Win2k clients by clearing the shortname
   buffer before returning ascii short name.
 - Add example backtrace script
 - Added NETLOGON NetServerAuthenticate3 include and parser file
 - fix for difference in strsep and strtok semantics in nmbd
 - Ensure we don't change to a user that we can't get an NT_TOKEN for
 - Put back in BDC support in set_server_role()
 - added a 'net rpc samdump' command for dumping the whole sam via
   samsync operations (as a BDC)
 - don't use spnego in the client unless enabled in smb.conf
 - Added some new delta types discovered by Ronnie from ethereal
 - Cope with negative cache dns entries better
 - do not expose special files, only files, directories and links
 - attempts to simplify Samba's external lib dependencies
 - support non-root-mode systems without getgrouplist()
 - Some fixes for SMB signing
 - Pass the object name down to the enum_printers client rpc
 - add the netatalk VFS module
 - Ensure we have at least smb_size bytes before processing a packet
 - Allow us to "lock" printer tdb entries in memory to stop them being
   re-used as cache
 - fix 2 byte alignment/offset bug that prevented Win2k/XP clients
   from receiving all the printer data in EnumPrinterDataEx()
 - Add option to compile new sam system can be enabled with the
   configure option --with-sam
 - Added SGML/DocBook version of developer oriented docs to build process
 - Return correct FILE_SUPERSEDED response
 - Added example sam module (skeleton)
 - Add plugin support for the sam system (based on passdb code)
 - show builtin groups in samdump
 - Adding samtest utility used to test sam backends
 - fix connecting to a BDC when the PDC is down but in WINS and no bcast
   can be used to find a BDC
 - convert the LDAP/SASL code to use GSS-SPNEGO if possible
 - added cli_net_auth_3 client code
 - merge of phant0m key fix from APP_HEAD
 - allow rpcclient's samlogon command to use cli_net_3()
 - Added attribute specific OPEN tests
 - Fix bug with stat mode open being done on read-only open with
 - Add lots of const casts to function parameters
 - Implemented some more client side spoolss functions
 - usrmgr expects unicode as ProductType
 - Change JOB_INFO_CTR to return a pointer to an array rather than array 
   of pointers in client code
 - Various NTLMSSP fixes
 - fixed crash bug in cli_connection code
 - DeletePrinterDriver[Ex]() fixes from APP_HEAD
 - remove some inet_aton() calls for portability
 - Set default ACB attributes on 'unixsam' accounts
 - Add bcast_msg_flags to connection struct
 - aggregate change notify events in the smbd sender and when transmitting
 - Added better error code on out of space in printer spool directory
 - Removed total jobs check - not applicable any more
 - fixed bug in share enumeration RPC code
 - extend the ADS_STATUS system to include NTSTATUS
 - commit trusted domain patch n+3
 - remove block VFS module
 - restrict readline headers to readline.c
 - merge of various recycle bin VFS patches
 - Winbind client-side cleanups
 - change parametric option name to vfs_recycle_bin it is more
   sane and do not pollute standard options namespace too much
 - added --enable-python configure option for building the samba-python
   unit tests
 - correct trans2 bugs in client for enumerating files/directories
 - Re-add OS/2 EA error codes
 - Added patch for required attributes in directory listings to reply code
 - Fix browse synchronization bug by noticing that W2K DMB's return empty
   NetServerEnum2 on port 445, but not on port 139
 - Fix semantics of AbortPrinter() spoolss call in server code
 - Ensure we've failed a lock with a lock denied message before 
   automatically pushing it onto the blocking queue
 - Added experimental sendfile code
 - Initialize user_rid value in WINBIND_USERINFO structure returned by
   the rpc version of query_user()
 - added gencache implementation
 - Merge the cli_shutdown change from 2_2
 - Fixes for DeletePrinterDriverEx()
 - Fixed alignment error in spoolss code
 - Changed Major/Minor version info reported to Server Manager to 4.9
 - Applied new display mode FLAGS for SWAT
 - Update to add DEVELOPER option to more parameters
 - Added --with-ads option, defaults to yes
 - Added --with-ldap option to configure
 - Add clock skew handling to our kerberos code
 - correct race condition in password change code for out machine account
   when a member of a domain
 - First implementation for 'net rpc vampire'
 - store current handle's Device Mode with print job
 - Move functionality to check whether entries for lp_workgroup() and
   "BUILTIN" exist and add them if necessary from 
   check_correct_backend_entries into sam_context_check_default_backends
 - allow --with-krb5 to override the location of the kerberos libs on
 - unlink spool file after submitting print job when using CUPS api
 - Add framework for samtest commands
 - Add the ability to view/set the current local domain SIDs to net 
 - When creating a group you have to take care of the fact that the
   underlying unix might not like the group name
 - Don't uppercase the username and domain in a session setup
 - Merge of "profile acls" code from SAMBA_2_2
 - Check for existing of security descriptor in PRINTER_INFO_2 structure
   in rpc client code
 - Move to common user token debugging, and ensure we always print both 
   the NT_TOKEN and the unix credentials
 - If adding a user to ldap, make sure we have the 'account' structural 
   class, or else we can't add to OpenLDAP 2.1
 - Kill of Get_Pwnam_Modify and smb_getpwnam()
 - add a 'ldap passwd sync' option to smb.conf
 - Whenever we deal with adding machine/trusted domain accounts, always 
   reset the flag to what we expect
 - Fix the circular dependency that was preventing 'domain master = auto' 
   (the default) from working
 - move all the passdb internal interface to NTSTATUS
 - to expand % values (ie we go \\%L\%U -> \\server\user, we don't want to
   store \\server\user back) and to correctly notice 'not set' compared to 
   'null string' etc.
 - get some more of our access control bits right on the SAMR pipe
 - Add -r parameter to smbgroupedit. With -r you can manually choose
   a rid

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