[Samba] List of magic wins numbers

Phil Gregory pgregory at hillmgt.com
Thu Sep 26 15:54:01 GMT 2002

* Christopher Odenbach <odenbach at hni.uni-paderborn.de> [2002-09-26 12:39 +0200]:
> I am looking for a list of theses special magic numbers that a samba 
> server (or a windows box) registers with at a wins server.

Somewhere in the HOWTOs, there's a URL to a Microsoft Knowledge Base
article describing all of them.  I found the link almost by accident.
While I don't have the URL handy, I'll attach the text file I made for
myself as a reference from the article.

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Name                Number(h)  Type  Usage
<computername>         00       U    Workstation Service
<computername>         01       U    Messenger Service
<\\--__MSBROWSE__>     01       G    Master Browser
<computername>         03       U    Messenger Service
<computername>         06       U    RAS Server Service
<computername>         1F       U    NetDDE Service
<computername>         20       U    File Server Service
<computername>         21       U    RAS Client Service
<computername>         22       U    Microsoft Exchange Interchange(MSMail
<computername>         23       U    Microsoft Exchange Store
<computername>         24       U    Microsoft Exchange Directory
<computername>         30       U    Modem Sharing Server Service
<computername>         31       U    Modem Sharing Client Service
<computername>         43       U    SMS Clients Remote Control
<computername>         44       U    SMS Administrators Remote Control
<computername>         45       U    SMS Clients Remote Chat
<computername>         46       U    SMS Clients Remote Transfer
<computername>         4C       U    DEC Pathworks TCPIP service on
                                     Windows NT
<computername>         42       U    mccaffee anti-virus
<computername>         52       U    DEC Pathworks TCPIP service on
                                     Windows NT
<computername>         87       U    Microsoft Exchange MTA
<computername>         6A       U    Microsoft Exchange IMC
<computername>         BE       U    Network Monitor Agent
<computername>         BF       U    Network Monitor Application
<username>             03       U    Messenger Service
<domain>               00       G    Domain Name
<domain>               1B       U    Domain Master Browser
<domain>               1C       G    Domain Controllers
<domain>               1D       U    Master Browser
<domain>               1E       G    Browser Service Elections
<INet~Services>        1C       G    IIS
<IS~computer name>     00       U    IIS
<computername>         [2B]     U    Lotus Notes Server Service
IRISMULTICAST          [2F]     G    Lotus Notes
IRISNAMESERVER         [33]     G    Lotus Notes
Forte_$ND800ZA         [20]     U    DCA IrmaLan Gateway Server Service

U - Unique.  May only be associated with a single IP address.
G - Group.  May be associated with multiple IP addresses.
M - Multihomed.  May only be associated with a single host, but may be
    associated with multiple IP addresses on that host.
I - Internet Group.  "This is a special configuration of the group name used to
    manage Windows NT Domain names."
D - Domain Name.  "New in Windows NT 4.0."

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