[Samba] Samba performance issues

John Coston jcoston at u.washington.edu
Thu Sep 26 00:48:01 GMT 2002

Hi all
just an update on our situation. We are not having any issues today, 
and currently have about 40 users with about 120 connections listed by 
smbstatus, and the load average is under 1%. We haven't seen any of the 
smbd processes running away with the CPU so far, fingers crossed. The 
primary change we made was implementing roaming profiles for our users, 
and disabling the mandatory profile. My suspicion is that while 
mandatory profiles were in place, we had some locking problems which 
resulted in the smbd processes utilizing all of the CPU. After shutting 
down completely, and manually killing off the hung processes, things 
are going much better. We are still running without the patch for 
locking issues that Robert mentions below, but that will be rectified 
We are going to test out the file locking/mandatory profile hypothesis 
with our backup machine in the next few days, and hopefully will be 
able to provide some more detailed information on exactly what is 
Thanks to all for the guidance, help & suggestions.

On Tuesday, September 24, 2002, at 07:06  PM, Robert Stuart wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm rather interested in the outcome of this on or off the list; but I
> suspect there will be other people on the list who are interested -
> please keep posting to the list :-)
> I think we have very similar HW.  We have a dual CPU (1.4G PIII) 
> LPr2000
> netserver with 10k and 15k drives.  We normally sit around < 5% cpu so
> it seems to be something about your config, probably not your HW.  Our
> box also does internal http, mail, dns, fax, lpd, ldap etc.
> Can I suggest you run top and see what seems to be using CPU time?  
> Does
> %CPU in the process list include sys time?  I think it does, if so, it
> will help you get an idea of what is contributing to the 60% sys time
> (even if top doesn't include sys then it is likely to be showing
> culprits anyhow).  Do you run anything else on this machine (eg
> oracle)?  :-)  Perhaps posting  ps axf and a copy of a top page might
> help.
> Your LDAP backend... is it getting busy?  Are the relevant things
> indexed?
> I'd upgrade your kernel to the last RH7.3 errata (2.4.18-10?).
> You will likely get locking issues (discussed on samba-technical show
> stopper) if you are using ldap sam, I patched the samba 2.2.5 rawhide
> rpm.  I'll send that in a separate email to you.
> Good luck.
> Robert Stuart
> Systems Administrator
> Ph: 61 7 3864 0364
> Fax: 61 7 3221 2553
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