[Samba] Password expiration

Darin Bawden dbawden at teamdme.com
Wed Sep 25 21:36:36 GMT 2002

I haven't tinkered at all with 3.0.  Meaning this next question with all 
respect...how stable is it?  Is it stable enough to use on a production 
file/login/print server?

At 04:20 PM 9/25/2002, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
>Darin Bawden wrote:
> >
> > Well, now that my feet are wet, I thought I would ask another, hopefully
> > less confusing question.  As I said in the confusing email about printing,
> > I've set Samba to be a PDC.  What I'm wondering is if I can setup the
> > users' passwords to expire after a specific time frame?  If so, how do I
> > get it to warn users ahead of time?
>You can use Samba 3.0 and a backend like ldapsam, as it will inform the
>remote OS at logon time, which gives the use warning.  (2.2 can do this
>3.0 adds the ability to enforce this warning, and actually lock poeple
>out until they change it.
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