[Samba] Multiple NT users on a single box

Mark Petryk markpetryk at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 25 07:20:01 GMT 2002

I have a win2000 box for multiple users.  Each user has their own user name and
password which is authenticated on the same box.  I also have a Linux/Samba box
serving up files and shared directories.  The users and passwords are
duplicated on the linux box - I'm not using user/pass synchronization or
anything like that, I just duplicate the effort (for now).

Each winNT user has a drive mapped to their home directory.  Therefore, Fred
has H:\ mapped to the linux /home/fred/samba share, and Russel has H:\ mapped
to the linux /home/russel/samba share (remember is is all on the same box). 
However, when Fred logs off, and Russel logs on, Russel is able to browse
through the network neighborhood and see Freds share.  

It seems as though once Fred has logged in, his share is still browsable even
after he has logged off from the winNT box and another user has logged in (to
the same box).

How do I prevent this?

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