[Samba] samba ssh

Martyn Ranyard ranyardm at lineone.net
Tue Sep 24 16:19:01 GMT 2002


these solutions use ssh to tunnel ppp over ssh, which creates a network 
device at both ends, one (server) that samba can listen on, the other 
(client and/or router) that you can send tcp/ip traffic to.

At 12:09 PM 9/24/02 -0400, Elijah Chancey wrote:
>I've got a situation where my webdesigners (win2k) are located on a
>different subnet (and location) than the samba server.
>I need a way of using a local (to the webdesigners) machine (linux) to use
>SSH and port forward to the remote samba server. How does one go about
>doing such a thing?
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Martyn Ranyard

I am not a member of the samba team,
and anything that I say may not be as
accurate as a response from one of the
team.  I reply to save those more
qualified time, which can more usefully
be spent developing SAMBA further.

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