[Samba] Printing problem with Samba, XP, and Xerox Printer

linux power linuxpower2002 at yahoo.no
Tue Sep 24 15:44:01 GMT 2002

Major bug in samba. Replace -P %p in the print command
with the absulute path to the printer.
Let me hear how it goes. 

--- Kevin Bramblett <kbramblett at dssresearch.com>
skrev: > Hello everyone,
> I am having a problem getting Windows XP clients to
> print to a Xerox
> DataCenter 440 using Samba as the print server
> running on Red Hat Linux 7.2.
> I have installed the driver once and it worked fine.
>  I then tried to add a
> second XP client, and while it appears to install
> and work, nothing comes
> out of the printer.  It even seems to disappear at
> the print server.
> Any ideas how I can fix this?
> Thanks.
> Kevin
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