[Samba] Can't access samba from Windows

Frank Matthieß fm+samba at Microdata-POS.de
Tue Sep 24 14:15:01 GMT 2002

Dienstag den 24.09.2002 um 15:49 CEST  +0200, schrieb Infra:
> I installed wins server on NT and samba set to use it.
> There's no change. I try to set wins support = yes in

1. Do you restart samba after the config change?

2. Do NOT set "wins support = yes"!

	man smb.conf
		   wins support (G)
				  This  boolean  controls  if  the  nmbd(8)process in
				  Samba will act as a WINS server. You should not set
				  this to true unless you have a multi-subnetted net­
				  work and you wish a particular nmbd to be your WINS
				  server.   Note  that  you  should NEVER set this to
				  true on more than one machine in your network.

				  Default: wins support = no

> smb.conf, same error report.
> yes, workgroup = mydomain
> any other suggetions?

No other suggetions.

Frank Matthieß                                    fm+samba at Microdata-pos.de

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