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YIP_Chin_Loo at nyp.gov.sg YIP_Chin_Loo at nyp.gov.sg
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Hi Jay,
     Where can I buy this book  in Singapore ? Any bookshop in particular

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YIP_Chin_Loo at nyp.gov.sg wrote:
>            I could like to get the a book  which is suitable for me to
> learn Samba and its application on Microsoft OS like Win NT and WIn 2K
> .Kindly recommend me and where can I purchase one ? Thanks.

I'll start off the discussion, and hopefully, someone else will
have comments on some of the other books.  I'm totally biased towards,
err ... myself! ... and members of the Samba Team who have written

You can go to http://www.samba.org and select your nearest mirror
site for the Samba web pages, then click on the "books" link.
You are apparently in Singapore, so it would be here:


Since Samba is being developed pretty rapidly over the past
few years, I'd advise selecting a book that has been updated
recently. This pretty much eliminates the one I'm working on
(Using Samba, O'Reilly), for the next few months, anyway,
although you can the first edition (1999) for free in HTML
format in the Samba source code distribution, in the docs/ directory.

For the moment, try SAMS Teach Yourself Samba in 24 Hours, 2nd Edition,
which is by Gerald Carter, a very active member of the Samba Team.
According to the webpage (which happens to be maintained by Jerry
himself) that book was updated just last year.

And if you don't mind waiting a while, the second edition of
Using Samba will be available -- try searching for my name
(Jay Ts) on Amazon.com. There is a listing there for it, although
the description they had last time I looked was for the first

Also, there is Special Edition, Using Samba, by Richard Sharpe,
another Samba Team member.  It was updated in 2000.

There was one more book I which I could mention - I glanced at
it once in a book store, and thought it was pretty decent,
but I don't remember the title or author.

Any other recommendations?

Jay Ts

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