[Samba] passwords for Samba mounts in /etc/fstab

Joshua Pollak jpollak at cra.com
Mon Sep 23 20:29:00 GMT 2002

> A subsidiary question about mounting a network drive on startup:  Is the
> init process smart enough to only mount network drives once the network is
> up, which I beleive happens after the mounts?

It should be, I'm most familar with Gentoo and Debian, but I use Red Hat at 
work. My machine was a 7.2 machine until Friday, now it runs 7.3. I have a 
script in /etc/init.d/ called netfs, which mounts network filesystems. Gentoo 
has a netmount script in the same location. Either way, this should 
automatically be called after the network is started.

If you look in /etc/rc5.d/ you should see two symlinks, one is S10network, and 
the other is S25netfs, the first is to start the network, the second to mount 
the network drives. the numbers after the S indicate priority, the 10 means 
network should be started before 25, netfs....


Joshua Pollak
Software Engineer
Charles River Analytics

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