[OT] [Samba] [ntdom] permission in the registry

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Mon Sep 23 20:04:01 GMT 2002

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>I setup samba to respond as domain controller, every thing goes fine, 
>but when I switch to a normal user in the XP work stations many 
>installed programs for example corel, homesite, starts to give 
>a message 
>sayd the they don't have permission in the registry, the read 
>the their 
This is in no way related to samba which doesn't handle the registry at
all - except that the user's registry hive might be stored in a profile
directory on a samba PDC...
This is normal for WinNT & successors. If a program behaves like this in
normal operation (i.e. when not running its setup or changing
user-independent global options).

>Is the some place to setup a full permission to the registry 
>only for a 
>few programs ?
Either get an updated version of the program which is known to work on
WinNT, W2K, WinXP as normal user or - as a last resort - grant access on
those registry keys to the users that need to run the program.

Gotta love the Windows Registry... (restricting access is a Good Idea in
general, though)


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