[Samba] smbmount question

John Anderson janderson at ceeva.net
Mon Sep 23 12:20:01 GMT 2002


I seem to be missing something.  I've got a remote server with a
directory I need to share to my local (win98) machines.  Due to some
poor planning that server and my local machines are not on the same
network.   I bridged that gap with a linux server where I've dual homed
that server and installed Samba.

I used smbmount to mount the drive (passing -o username=,password=) to a
point on my server (say /opt/hq).   From the server I can then browse

The way I'm doing it (which may be wrong) is I setup in my smb.conf a
setting for hq and pointed it to /opt/hq

Then I use my windows boxes (12 98 boxes, and 1 2K box) to connect to
//localservername/hq share thru samba, and that's where I get prompted
for a password.

No matter what password I put in, it's wrong. I get an error saying that
username / password is invalid.

Do I have this setup totally wrong?

Thanks in advance.


John Anderson
Ceeva, Inc.

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