[Samba] Bad links in user profile

Malte Starostik malte at starostik.de
Sat Sep 21 20:41:02 GMT 2002

On Saturday 21 September 2002 20:34, Vladimir I. Umnov wrote:
> Hello, samba.
> Why some times apears bad links in user profiles. After that profile
> can not load correctly. After deletion this bad links (usually in
> NetHood, some times it is files in different folders), all work fine. W2K
> client report, what this files can not read, but I can read them in default
> profile mode from home directory.
> Users can not login with they profile information before I delete this
> files.
NetHood is special. You might also see my (unanswered) mail about DOS 
Attributes for directories I posted here some weeks ago. It boils down to the 
fact that WinXP (and maybe W2K does it too?) creates directories in NetHood, 
which *need* to have the "System" attribute set to make the links work. The 
directories contain the actual link as a file called "target.lnk". 
Unfortunately there seems to be no way to retain the "System" attribute with 
samba, as "map system" only works for files, not folders.
If you find a workaround, I'd be glad if you could share your experience!

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