[Samba] Good luck all of you.

Rajesh Prakasan rprakasan at direm.com
Sat Sep 21 10:21:02 GMT 2002

Dear All,
    I am having a good new for you. I
I have successfully configured a Linux Samba File server for my Corporate. It is handling 100 users, 6 Network Laser printers( high volume), 40 GB of Data. It is acting as Primary Domain Controller + Time + WINS Server. The response of the server is very fast, and all my users are very vey happy  about the response from the server while printing or File Accessing. I am having the clients like Windows 95,98,NT, 2000 & XP machines.All these are working very fine.
 I had earlier using Novell netware server, this is been completely removed. And all my other servers are running in Linux System.
So Try all of you making your corporate into fully Linux System.
Thanks to all, & Good Luck.


Rajesh Prakasan

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