[Samba] Linksys EFG20, RMA XH01210298

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Fri Sep 20 19:52:00 GMT 2002

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Please offer any input you may have on the issue described below.

Thank you.

Chuck Huenke
Delaware Statistical Analysis Center
(302) 739-3680
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We received a replacement EFG20 on the referenced RMA on
9/18/02.  I encountered a problem that prevents me from
returning the defective unit, and I have been unable to
resolve it after several calls to tech support and customer
service.  I hope that this email will more clearly describe
the issue.

The primary use for the server is an Access 2000 database
for 6-8 users.  Things worked well with our old EFG20's
(we have 2, one of which recently began losing network
connectivity during use; apparently a thermal issue).  I
set up the new unit just as the old one was set up, and
copied our Access files to it.  We can run the Access
database on the new unit from any one of our Windows 98
or Windows 2000 PC's on the network.  A problem occurs,
however, when a second user tries to open the database -
Access fails to open the shared database and reports a
spurious "too many active users" error.  I can find no
assistance at all in Microsoft's knowledge base.  I turn
to you for help because the problem does not occur with
our older EFG20's.  So far I can only guess that there is
some conflict with Access and the slightly newer Linux
software on the replacement EFG20 (possibly with Samba in
particular?). From what I can tell, the replacement unit
has Samba 2.0.6, while the older units have Samba 2.0.3.
As an additional test I put a FoxPro database on the new
EFG20; FoxPro and the new unit work well together to
succesfully share database files with multiple users.

Please provide any advice you can on how I should address
this issue.  Under the terms of the RMA cross-ship, I need
to return a unit to you in the next few days.  I will also
forward this email to Samba.org with the hope that they may
have some ideas.

Thank you.

Chuck Huenke
Delaware Statistical Analysis Center
(302) 739-3680

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