[Samba] Problem Seeing Linux Machine From Windows Machine

Barry Skidmore skidmore at mail.worldvenue.org
Fri Sep 20 19:37:00 GMT 2002

I am very new to Samba, so please excuse this naive question.

Samba seems to be working properly from my Red Hat 7.2 system.  I am
using a GUI called xSMBrowser, and am able to transfer files back and
forth to the Windows machines on my network.

I now want to access my Linux system from a Windows 98 machine.  I can see 
it ('Mail') in 'My Network Places' within the workgroup called 
'WORKGROUP', but I do not see any folders.  I am logged into the Windows 
machine as 'skidmore'.
Here is a snippet from my 'smb.conf'.  I am obviously doing something 
# A private directory, usable only by fred. Note that fred requires write
# access to the directory.
    comment = Barry's Service
    path = /home/skidmore
    valid users = skidmore
    public = no
    writable = yes
    printable = no
So, shouldn't I be able to see my home directory (skidmore) under 'Mail' 
in Network Places?:

Network Places

Barry Skidmore
(Samba novice)

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