[Samba] speed of printing on samba is slow

Rodrigo Sirio Coelho scoelho at yahoo.com.br
Fri Sep 20 18:38:01 GMT 2002


I am with a very strange problem (to me, offcourse :)), I am using a  Samba
2.2.5 on Suse 8.0 on a PIII 600 with 384MB RAM. Printers are
configured via LPD to direct print (RAW) for the samba clients! the file
access are fast using a Win98client ou Winxp Client!, but when we try to use
the printers, take about 10 seconds to show the printer manager =
(win98), the traffic to send the spool to linux is very slow! about 10
minutes to send a 32MB spool file to linux!  DNS is all OK! Lmhosts is
all OK, hosts is all ok! Anyone can help me?

Thank you

Rodrigo Coelho
Belo Horizonte - Brazil

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