[Samba] Debian server

Trey Nolen tnolen at internetpro.net
Fri Sep 20 13:26:01 GMT 2002

> After putting it into a network with another Samba server I find that
> the Win98 client machines can't connect to it but they can connect to
> the other server.  The other server is set to OS level 65 and the new
> one is somewhere below that.

You say there is another server.  Are you trying to do domain logins on both
servers?  There can be only one domain controller and when you put a new
server on the network, there will be an election to see which one is the
controller. The one with the highest OS level wins, so if your other server
has a higher OS level, this new server will not do domain logins.

Of course, if you are not trying to do logins on both servers, then this is
useless.  If this is the case, send up some more information on how you are
doing authentication on the two servers.

Trey Nolen

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