[Samba] Win2K problem

Josh Friberg-Wyckoff jwcomputing at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 20 04:47:01 GMT 2002

What protocols do you have setup on the nic cards. 
This is usually a common problem with seeing other
computers.  Sometimes it ends up try to use netbeui
instead of TCP/IP.  I would just have TCP/IP setup on
all the nics.

Can you still get to the server by doing a Start > Run
>  \\servername

--- Geoffrey Engelstein <gme at grtmars.com> wrote:
> I am trying to set up a very simple Samba setup here
> (v 2.2.3a), and 
> am having an odd problem. I am just setting
> everything up as a 
> workgroup (no domain controller). All PCs are set to
> the same 
> workgroup. The problem I am having is:
> 1. All Win 98 and Win ME see the Samba server and
> work great
> 2. Most Win2K (and our one NT4) machines see the
> Samba server 
> and work great
> 3. Two machines (one of which is my laptop) do not
> see the server.
> By 'see the server' I mean through Network
> Neighborhood/Places and 
> being able to map a drive to the share.
> I can't figure out what is different about those two
> machines. Does 
> anyone have any suggestions???
> Thanks -
>   - Geoff Engelstein
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