[Samba] "@" doesn't work in the NT domain name

dave.andruczyk at valeo.com dave.andruczyk at valeo.com
Fri Sep 20 00:39:13 GMT 2002

I am part of a large worldwide Active Directory and all of our individual
site NT domain names have an  ampersand symbol in them
(for example: VWS at ROCHESTER)  Samba 2.2.6pre2 and older won't join this
domain name, or allow connections to it from users in this domain.  The
logs state that the domain name is "VWS_ROCHESTER",  the code is squashing
the @ to an _ causing all authentification attempts to fail.  Since we are
migrating to this domain, all of our samba servers will NOT function for
users connecting from the AD domains due to the domain-name mangling.

I was told this was done as part of a security audit to the samba code, but
it breaks compatibility in a major way. Ampersands are VALID in a netbios
domain name, just not in a machine name (AFAIK), but samba doesn't comply
in this regard.  Since changing the netbios domain names of our win2k
domains is not possible, I need a fix ASAP.  Any suggestions?

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