[Samba] about uidnumber

Frank Matthieß fm+samba at Microdata-POS.de
Thu Sep 19 12:28:01 GMT 2002

Donnerstag den 19.09.2002 um 15:15 CEST  +0200, schrieb Koriun A. Margarian:
> FM> Donnerstag den 19.09.2002 um 13:58 CEST  +0200, schrieb Frank Matthieß:
> FM> Only one part. Sorry: The comment at the beginning of my samba.schema
> FM> told me:
> FM>
> FM> ## Prerequisite schemas - uid (cosine.schema)
> FM> ##                      - displayName (inetorgperson.schema)
> FM>
> FM> -- 
> FM> Frank Matthieß                                          fm at Microdata-pos.de
> Yes, i see that , but it say uid and displayName is in
> cosine.schema and inetorgperson.schema. But it does not
> mean, that uidNumber and gidNumber also there. They are in
> nis.schema.
> I want understand what is different ? why u have not problem
> with uidNumber and gidNumber. May be you include nis.schema?
> Then some one must correct documentation.

To read more carefully, what is requested, seems to help ;-)

Ok. The reason, why i have no problem with that is, it's just on the
todo list. I think inluding the nis.schema is the right way. And this
should/must be documented in the header or corrected in the

Frank Matthieß                                          fm at Microdata-pos.de

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