[Samba] Re: PDC backup server

Hermes Collini collini at perlafinanza.it
Thu Sep 19 09:38:01 GMT 2002

> Just a "simple" goal!
> I have a linux RH7.1 server with Samba 2.2.2 configured as a 
> in-prodduction PDC. I want to move Samba domain to another server.
> How I can do this without reconfigure everything?
Meanwhile i was waiting some information to do my job, i have prepared a 
new machine with RH7.1 and samba 2.2.5-4 standard Raw hide RPM.
I have copied all the account above uid 500 of the passwd and group 
database. I have also copied the smbpasswd samba passwd database and all 
the script in the netlogon share. The directory tree structure and 
permmission is replicated.

After that i had shutdown the old samba server and started the new one.

As a result of this job, i can browse the shares of the server but i 
cannot view the list of the machine nor logging on into any workstation. 
It seems that the domain is not available or the master browser for the 
domain was not elected. I looked into the nmbd log file and the election 
process was there. My new server would be the domain and local master 

Any idea?


Hermes collini

P.S. Sorry for bad english.

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