[Samba] pam_winbind

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Wed Sep 18 21:49:01 GMT 2002

cj wrote:
> Would any one know what these errors are and how they are created?
> I am using pam_winbind in my system-auth file.
> But when I try and telnet onto the machine, I get this error message in the
> log.
> Sep 18 16:41:47 yamin pam_winbind[1160]: request failed, PAM error was 4, NT
> Sep 18 16:41:47 yamin pam_winbind[1160]: internal module error (retval = 4,
> user = `cj'

You must use 'domain\username' with winbind in 2.2.  Samba HEAD supports
'winbind use default domain', invoking code that works around this
restriction.  (While the option is present in 2.2, it has known flaws
and is not supported).

Andrew Bartlett

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