[Samba] unlink data file in cups_job_submit

Paul Janzen pcj at samba.sez.to
Wed Sep 18 20:37:00 GMT 2002

With samba-2.2.5, cups-1.1.14, and printcap=cups, I find that I have
to explicitly clean up old print data files in /var/spool/samba with a
cron job.

With a traditional LPR, we use -r to tell lpr to remove the file for
us after the file is spooled.  With cups, we send it over ipp, and I
think we should then unlink the data file ourselves.

Does this seem right?

--- print_cups.c~        Thu May  2 18:03:31 2002
+++ print_cups.c         Wed Sep 18 13:17:08 2002
@@ -663,6 +663,9 @@

+       if (ret == 0)
+               unlink(pjob->filename); 
+       /* else print_job_end will do it for us */ 
        return (ret);

-- Paul

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