[Samba] Client timeout problems.

jason.valenzuela at att.net jason.valenzuela at att.net
Wed Sep 18 18:50:01 GMT 2002

I'm using Samba 2.2.5 with Win2k(and a couple of WinXP) clients. For a month
everything has been running fine. Just recently I have started having problems
with what seems to be the clients dropping their TCP connections. If you let the
client sit for a while, even if it has a file open but don't save it, it will
lose it's connection to the server. Running netstat on the client shows the TCP
no longer connection exists to the server, and the log.smbd says:
read_data : read_failure for 4. Error connection reset by peer.
If the client was working on a file, that program pretty much crashes and
changes are lost.
I took a look at the function in util_sock, and it seems that a read() from the
file descriptor is returning the 'Error connection reset by peer'. I at first
thought that maybe a 'socket options = SO_KEEPALIVE' or 'keepalive = 60' might
work. But it doesn't.
If I run tcpdump on the server and have a share open in the client, I see data
going back and forth once and a while. But the connection still gets reset for
some reason.
Any ideas? 

Thanks in advance,
Jason Valenzuela

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