[Samba] incredible problem to join NT samba domain with XP client

stratus at neptune.dnsalias.com stratus at neptune.dnsalias.com
Wed Sep 18 03:09:01 GMT 2002

Hi everybody let me tell you my story

I have 5 XP pro computer and only one of them is able to join the 
domain. I applied the signorseal patch everywhere, I create everything on samba 
side. Actually my problem is more XP problem exp (what I'm doing):

first in property:
select Nt domain, login passwd ok!, then display welcome on NEPTUNE (my domain)

second network ID:
following the assistant, blahblah everything is fine, at the end I'm even able 
to add a domain user NEPTUNE/user.

So until here everything is fine.

now XP ask me to reboot to apply the change.....
And then after rebooting I don't have the standart domain logon window still 
the local logon box.

I really don't understand, because it's working with one of those computer.


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