[Samba] Samba PDC and Windows 2000 Server

Bruno BEAUFILS bruno.beaufils at lifl.fr
Tue Sep 17 22:48:00 GMT 2002


I am a UNIX system administrator using Samba for real use since not so
long. That means I do not have a lot of Windows way of thinking
understanding. I get some strange trouble with my configuration. Maybe some
of you may help me. Here is the deal :

I get a physical network with some workstations running dual boot Linux and
Windows 2000 Pro. 

On that network I have a host acting as NIS, SAMBA and NFS server. Let us call
it SERVUNIX. SERVUNIX's samba is configured to be PDC of a windows domain. Let
us cal it WINNET. 

SERVUNIX is used just for authentification. Windows user's home directories
are stored on a Windows 2000 Server host. Let us call it SERVWIN. The reason
of using a Windows 2000 host is that my Windows users wants to be able to use
ACL :-(

The first problem is that whenever I stopped the SERVUNIX samba service it
seems that SERVWIN become WINNET PDC ; which means users are able to log on
Windows workstation, although it take a VERY LONG TIME. How may I prevent it
do so, I mean how may I prevent this f*****g windows host to become PDC when
samba is down.

When I create my user directory on SERVWIN I often get trouble with SID <->
name translation. It seems that the Windows 2000 Server has its own copy of
*smbpasswd* informations and do not ask SERVUNIX when in need to get name from
id and vice-versa ? How may I force it to do so ?

Finally, all my workstations are cloned using Norton Ghost. Some time when I
clone them, or when I regenerate my smbpasswd file (to add new user coming from
NIS files for instance), they seem to have disappeared from the WINNET domain
(although their properties still say that they are in), and I am obliged to
put them in a STUPID workgroup and then back into WINNET domain again in order
for my users to be able to log again. Anybody having explanations or links to
good explanations ?

Finally a more windows questions : is there a command line utility allowing me
to change the name of a windows host and to include this host in a specific
domain ? 

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