[Samba] configuration & cups

P. Jourdan pippo at videotron.ca
Tue Sep 17 19:54:00 GMT 2002

I seem to be having a great deal of trouble with cups and samba configuration.
cups seems to go on and off and it works and doesn't work.
I think I need some help on my samba configuration. Generally, it has 
worked well on another machine, but my current setup seems a bit screwy.
System: FreeBSD 4.6.2; cups-; cups-base-; 
cups-lpr-;cups-pstoraster-7.05.5; ghostscript-gnu-7.05_3 
(installed by cups-lpr); gimp-print-4.2.1; samba-2.2.6.p2
Problem: yesterday, I could see the Unix machine on Win2k. I have two 
printer shares that could be seen. Today, they are not there.
To log on to the FBSD machine from Win2k I get the log-on window and can 
connect by entering nothing and pressing enter.
I can access the Printer directory, the www and tmp.
But one directory, pippo, asks for a username and password but accepts none.
I am running samba from rc.local with no parameters
I am attaching my smb.conf
I am sure I am doing something wrong.
Please help.

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