[Samba] MS-Access Application very slow

Martin Schmidt martin.schmidt at jielo.de
Mon Sep 16 23:01:01 GMT 2002


I changed the NT-Server to Samba about one year before, and everything worked 
fine. I did this, because I frequently need remote access to the server via 
ISDn-line and do not want to wait for Win-Stuff beiing transmitted before I 
can start working.

There are several MS-Access-Databases on the server, used by one or more 
users without problems.

But now they bought an application "programmed" with MS-Tools with MS-Access 
"Database" (Sorry, I could not prevent).
This thing works quite o.k., when the files are placed on a share of win98 
client, but most operations take up to ten times as much time when the files 
are placed on the samba ( SuSE-Linux 7.1, Samba 2.2.5 - freshly installed ).
The server has a bit elder processor ( PIII 600 MHz with 256 MB RAM, SCSI 
system with a 9 GB and a new 18 GB HD, the MS-access-files single on the new 
drive), in the kde-tool, the CPU does not seem to be very busy, there ist a 
lot of memory used for caching, no use of the swap-partitions.

The clients are all win98, Intel P4 1200MHz, 256 MB RAM.

If I do an ftp-download from the server to any win-client, I get 8300KBit/s 
data throughput, a simple copy with the MS-explorer also goes well (It does 
not show how fast it is running, but the time seems to be o.k.) .

Has anyone an idea, where I could look for ?



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