[Samba] corrupt files

Paul L. Ramage II plramage at astpcola.com
Mon Sep 16 17:06:01 GMT 2002

If I move or copy some gif or jpg files to the samba server from the
win2k server I get the same corrupt files with the same file sizes along
with the original graphic which is not corrupt. If I delete the corrupt
files and copy the original files back to the win2kserver they are fine
from that point on you can move them back and fourth between the servers
and there aren't any corrupt files.  So my best guess is that there is
some kind of file tagging along with the image files that only
samba/linux can see and once you delete the files they are gone and it
doesn't affect the image file.  Please help there are 2 to 4 corrupt
files for every good file it's a nightmare fallowing after the graphics
artist and deleting the corrupt files.
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