[Samba] Access from one box but denied from the other

Frank Matthieß Frank.Matthiess at Microdata-POS.de
Mon Sep 16 16:47:00 GMT 2002

Montag den 16.09.2002 um 18:13 CEST  +0200, schrieb m31:
> > Are both w2k boxes on the same ip network?
> > If not:  Are you running samba as daemon on the unix box, or do you
> >          setup this as service via inetd?
> > If you run this via inetd: check the /etc/hosts.allow file.
> Yes, they are all on the same network and I have them started by inetd but
> never modified hosts.allow and the one machine I initally setup is still
> able to connect.
> > Do you setup both unix and samba user?
> I have ran /etc/passwd through smbpasswd.  Do I have to login on the Win2K
> machines as a valid user before I connect or can I just use a valid username
> and password when prompted through the explorer? <-(eg. I want ALL users to

If you use the "net" command without setting the username for this
request, than windows try it with actual username you are logged in.

The explorer request try it with actual username, if i recognize

To authenticate against samba/unix: Think about case sensitive.

I have no nt system at hand, but i know that "net help use" will print 
usefull information. Pipe it to more ;-)

> connect to a certain share with the same user and passwd). I have my Win2K
> password and username synced up with the linux box but not the rest of the
> users. ( i figure I'll take care of that last, all these stupid windows
> usernames and password have spaces and other stuff you wouldn't want in a
> unix user:pass)

man smb.conf ->  username map (G)

> > Dump all samba parameter via "testparm", and check again in conjunction
> > with "man smb.conf".
> tests return OK

I think so, because samba run's...

Frank Matthieß                                          fm at Microdata-pos.de

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