[Samba] Problem when adding SAMBA-server to a WinDomain

ISP-Account ISP isp at plansee.at
Mon Sep 16 14:54:00 GMT 2002


We have a Sambaserver which is used in a Windows NT Domain (added with smbpasswd -j DOMAIN -r SERVER -U USER%PWD)

On the server there is a Sambashare and the users should be autenthicated by the domainserver. We heve two groups - one with read/execute and one with read/write/execute permissions.

When we watch the grouplist with the command "wbinfo -g" we can see the read/write/execute-group .
With the "getent group"-command we can't see this group.

When the user tries to connect to the share we get following error-message in the /var/log/messages-file:

    "winbind gid range full!"

and the access fails.

Does someone has an idea where the problem coul'd be?
It would be a great help for me?

Thanks in advance and


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