[Samba] SAMBA Server missing in network neighbourhood/ network places- DESPERATE!

Timothy Kersten tim at sentrum.net.au
Mon Sep 16 11:34:01 GMT 2002

I have installed a new RedHat 7.3 system with Samba 2.2.5. The problems
* The server is missing when browsing in network neighbourhood.
* If I enter  <file://\\SERVERNAME> \\SERVERNAME in explorer, it pops up
an authentication dialogue. When the correct user info is entered, all
the shares are successfully displayed and browsable.
* if I enter "net view \\SERVERNAME" it says:
     "System error 5 has occurred.
      Access is denied."

These same symptoms exist through various changes in smb.conf, ensuring
that allow "bind interfaces" & "hosts allow" are not used. I have even
used the exact smb.conf working in another system. I therefore think
that there is perhaps something outside of samba going on here? Please
help me. Thanks.

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