[Samba] printing in dos slows

Dominic Deferia ddeferia at nyc.rr.com
Sat Sep 14 01:42:00 GMT 2002


I have an issue in dos printing. My okidata dot matrix printer is directly
connected to linux box and is a shared printer in  samba . I am using lprng.
My problem is with dos printing. When i print, it spools first indicated in
the windows printer window. It takes a minute before it actually sends to
the linux box, you will see an indicator of spooled bytes. Once it is
submitted it prints right away. Is there a way I can speed this up a little
bit. My clients are complaining about this. I tried options of print
directly to printer, but it is the same result. I use the net use lpt1
\\server\printshare option to make dos apps print work. Any help or link is
highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Dominic Y. Deferia

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