[Samba] Problems with smbd log

Hunyad Viktor viktor at halopont.hu
Fri Sep 13 12:41:01 GMT 2002

Yes. One example when the client is logged in, works without problems, but
I see from the log as a logged out pc.
Therefore I suspect that watching the exit_server log is not a good


****** John Benedetto******
> Are you sure it's not the clients crashing, causing the gaps in the
> logs?
> - jb
> --On Thursday, September 12, 2002 5:33 PM +0200 viktor at halopont.hu
> wrote:
>> All,
>> I use debian+samba2.2.3+apache+php+mysql in a netcafe for being an nt
>> domain server and a charging software. Clients are win98.
>> My problem is that the log is not reliable.
>> Sometimes I do not even see the login session, sometimes it says that
>> the pc logged off but not and so on. I have problems with about the 5%
>> of the logins.
>> To my best knowledge my script is not buggy from this point of view.
>> Any idea?
>> Details:
>> I expanded the log by:
>> log level=2
>> debug pid=1
>> With this I know the windows login date, user, pid of the samba child
>> and the logoff date. I use the 'netbios connect', 'closing
>> connections' and 'connect to service netlogon' items in the log for
>> identifying the session events.
>> I load the results into mysql for administration and later statistics.
>> The script is running since February and this is the only problem. Is
>> this theory wrong?
>> Please do not answer that I should download a special admin sw for
>> netcafes... :-)
>> Regards,
>> Viktor

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