[Samba] Profiles XP and Service Pack 1

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Thu Sep 12 23:05:01 GMT 2002

Hans Wurst wrote:
> Hi Trevor, Hi list
> the registry patch did not have an influence - neither did changing the
> shares
> ownership from root to a domain admin. Perhaps sombodey can help me with the
> comment in the Win2kSP2 readme - Why is  "NT ACL support = no" not
> neccessary
> when winbind is used to create users? And again, any further feedback is
> greatly
> appreciated.

The only reason to ever set 'nt acl support = no' is if the SIDs that
Samba returns as owning the files is invalid (to the client).  This
occurs on standalone Samba servers, and Samba servers that are members
of a domain but not running Winbind.  

So, this setting is not necessary on a Winbind-based installation.

The reason we need this setting at all is because Win2k/WinXP make
additional checks on the files.  Furthermore, it appears that WinXP SP1
no longer allows 'no acl support' as a valid option (As win2k SP2 did)
on a profile share - the files *must* be owned by either an
administrator or the user themselves.

Andrew Bartlett

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