[Samba] OT - LPD for Windows ...

C.Lee Taylor leet at leenx.co.za
Thu Sep 12 16:15:02 GMT 2002

	Well, to tell you the true, for NT/2K/XP does have both client and server 
for LPD.

	I have found a few none-free solutions, but this holds back a few clients 
from sharing printers, because they can't afford the lic's. Win9X is the 
place I am looking most.  Just FYI, there used to be an LPRng port to 
cygwin, but I can't find it now, only a google cache, but no binaries.

 > 	I'm almost sure that there is no M$ built-in solutions for it.
 > Yes, client part does exist, but I doubt about the server.
 > So look for 3d party solutions. I don't think there is any freeware...

>>Windows NT, 2k, XP have something like a "UNIX printer support" driver
>>or what's it called. AFAIK it's an lpd implementation, but not idea
>>whether client or server or both. I never used it, just remember having
>>seen it. Maybe you could try that one, it's in somewhere in Windows
>>Setup (look for network stuff)

>>>      Sorry to be a little off topic, but I was wondering if
>>>anybody knows of a
>>>free lpd for Windows?  I hate sharing printers using the M$
>>>way.  See all
>>>them computers on my network is just not pleasing, I like the
>>>way Novell
>>>does it.
>>>      I was thinking of lpd, LPRng or CUPS with cygwin, but
>>>can't seem to find any

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