[Samba] Problems with smbd log

viktor at halopont.hu viktor at halopont.hu
Thu Sep 12 15:45:36 GMT 2002


I use debian+samba2.2.3+apache+php+mysql in a netcafe for being an nt
domain server and a charging software. Clients are win98.
My problem is that the log is not reliable.
Sometimes I do not even see the login session, sometimes it says that the pc
logged off but not and so on. I have problems with about the 5% of the
To my best knowledge my script is not buggy from this point of view.
Any idea?

I expanded the log by:
log level=2
debug pid=1
With this I know the windows login date, user, pid of the samba child and
the logoff date. I use the 'netbios connect', 'closing connections' and
'connect to service netlogon' items in the log for identifying the session
I load the results into mysql for administration and later statistics.
The script is running since February and this is the only problem.
Is this theory wrong?
Please do not answer that I should download a special admin sw for
netcafes... :-)


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