[Samba] LDAP PDC problems

Edoardo Causarano edoardocausarano at tin.it
Thu Sep 12 14:15:00 GMT 2002

Yura Pismerov wrote:

>	In the profiles share, do you have "nt acl support = no" ?
>If not, set it up and see if that helps.
You suggest disabling acls on the profiles? I'll experiment ASAP but I'm 
curious to know how that might help.
Anyhow I don't think the linux fs has acls for those dirs, just plain 
UGO permissions. Also, domain admins profiles are in the same dir but 
for them all is fine. I suspect the users are in the wrong group, but 
I'm always open to discussion.

BTW, can anybody tell the difference between a 'Domain Users' and a 
'Users' standard group?


(shame on me for not obfuscating my mailto: ...  I SPAMiffied my address 
;-) )

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