[Samba] Sharing of Directories & assigning group permissions to directories

Servie Platon servie_platon at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 12 08:43:00 GMT 2002

Hi Everyone,

This is a follow-up question on Samba. After doing rpm to reinstall the dependencies on libcups.so.2 and libssl.so.2. Samba went on fine.

My question is regarding Client machines Win98 could not log on to the samba server. This gave me an error message --> The share name was not found. Be sure you typed it correctly.

As far as I can remember I did the following on my samba box.

1. Edited the smb.conf file to allow domain log ons, master browser and so on.
2. Typed this syntax:

# mkdir shared
# adduser newuser
# passwd newuser
# smbadduser newuser: newuser
# service smb restart
# groupadd shared
# chmod 3660 shared/
# gpasswd -a newuser shared
# service smb restart

What I want to do to my system is that windows clients such as win98, 2000 or even xp be able to log on to the samba box where all files and folders are located which I cannot at this point. And that everytime an authenticated user dclicks the network neighborhood icon or my network places icon, they will be able to see all shared folders for that matter but could only open shared folders that corresponds to their respective group memberships.

For example:

1. I wanted to create in /home a group of directories with group members

Admin Directory 
Member Users - Rector, Principal, Treasurer, Deputy Principal and so on.

Teachers Directory
Member Users - Teacher1, Teacher2, Teacher3 and so on.

Students Directory
Member Users - Student1, Student2, Student3, and so on.

2. Whenever a user tries to log on to the samba box using windows clients 98,2000,XP and uses the network neighborhood, the authenticated user can then see ALL THREE DIRECTORIES ICON but cannot open the directory for which they don't belong.

I guess if for the principal of the school, he needs to see other directories as well to check students work, teachers lesson plans and other admin matters so his permission would be rwx - self; rwx - group; r - others. What would you suggest.

What I wanted is somehow similar to Windows 2000 type of permissions of folder. Can this be done also on Linux.

As I have said, my problems here are:

1. Windows client cannot be authenticated or cannot log on with the message the share name was not found.
2. I don't know how to address the problem of folder/directory sharing and groupings to respective users.

I am totally a Linux and Samba newbie and would definitely highly appreciate anyone who could lend me a helping hand on this. As we at our school have totally decided to run all our server services via Linux. Linux Hurray!!!


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