[Samba] smbclient issue

Deepak deepakt at mercurykr.com
Thu Sep 12 05:14:00 GMT 2002

i'm tring to access the windows directories from my linux  and tring
this command
smbmount //deepak/utilities /mnt/windows -o username = Deepak
then i got the error like
"Connection to deepak failed
 SMB connection failed"
deepak is my windows 2000 host name
utilities is the directory name which is shared from the windows machine

/mnt/windows is the directory i creyted for mounting my windows
directories on linux
Deepak is the username on windows machine

plz help me for this probs..where i'm wrong? why i'm not able to connect
to windows machine.
i also tried
smbmount //deepak/utilities /mnt/windows -o password = "deepak"
but same result :-(


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