[Samba] Problem with printersettings for regular users

Fredrik Aminoff fredrik at island.liu.se
Wed Sep 11 16:52:02 GMT 2002


We run Samba-2.2.6pre2 as PDC for Win2ksp2-clients and the 
printerfeature from 2.2.x

The problem we have is that only the PrinterAdministrators can see the 
correct printersettings that are set on the Server (Duplex, memory etc.)

When mapping the printer as a printer-admin you can see (and change) the 
settings for the printer but when connecting as a regular user 
(Everybody) you have the right to print and it works fine. The settings 
for the printers are greyed out as the should but the values there are 
the default for the printer when you install the driver and not the ones 
that are set on the server. This is kind of annoying since we don't want 
everone to be printeradmin but we want them to be able to do 

We run the latest Lexmark PCL printer drivers for Windows 2000, not the 
UniDriver since they don't have duplex-printing.

Have the printerfunctions in Samba-2.2.x been verified with 

Fredrik Aminoff
System administrator
Linköping University

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